Choosing a builder – especially a custom builder – is an important process. From the quality and style of the homes to your ability to get along, finding just the right builder is vital. Here are some signs that you are working with a great builder:

  1. They are busy… but not too busy. If a builder has a good reputation, clients will line up for their services. While the jobs they are currently working on should take priority over new work, be sure to ask how many jobs there are and how the workload is managed before committing. At The Calvosa Organization, Vince Calvosa makes every family feel as though they are his only client. He works directly with each home buyer, designing a home and a process for each project.
  2. They’re trustworthy and dependable. If you find a builder recommended by someone you respect, that is a huge confidence builder. Whether it’s a friend or the local HBA, you’ll know they are trustworthy. Plus, you can inspect their work and get a feel for how they operate. Vince Calvosa has been building homes on Long Island for a long time. He and his crew are well-known and well-respected, and they are eager to have prospective home buyers look through their past jobs.
  3. They have a good team. When you hire a builder, you are inviting a group of strangers to become a very big part of your life. It is vital that your builder has a team that you respect and feel comfortable with. At The Calvosa Organization, you will work with an in-house architecture and design team that guides you through the creative process. Then, a best-in-class project manager and team of craftsmen ensures you get top quality construction and service.
  4. They have good ideas, and can stick to a plan. Any builder can (hopefully) follow a set of blueprints, but a great builder can think beyond what’s on the page. When you discuss your project, take note of good ideas and practical advice they builder may have. Also take note of whether they are straight with you about whether you’re being unrealistic. You need your builder to tell you the truth, not tell you what you want to hear. Vince Calvosa and his extended family of professionals work together to create a home that incorporates all aspects of your life, while staying conscious of budgetary constraints and practical needs. From 10,000 square foot custom homes to modest first homes, they know how to build unique residences – and stay on target.
  5. They’re on time and return your calls. Finding a builder who arrives on schedule for meetings is a good sign. It shows good time management and organizational skills, as well as respect for your time. Builders who return phone calls in a timely and respectful manner also pass the “great builder” test. If the builder you’re considering doesn’t hit these marks, then you should look somewhere else. Vince Calvosa prides himself on building close, personal relationships with his clients. If you need him, he’s never more than a phone call away.
  6. They have a brand. The builder that invests in cultivating a “brand” is also likely to be extremely dedicated to building a strong business and a positive customer experience. Look at their website, business cards, work shirts and vehicles. Are they consistent and professional? Is there good organization? Vince Calvosa is so dedicated to building the best homes on Long Island that he literally puts his name on every one. There’s never a question of where the buck stops. Talk about branding.