Custom Home Building in Long Island

[make_url_gallery folder=”Exteriors”]
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[make_url_gallery folder=”Kitchens”]>Whether you desire a first time home, classic Hamptons Estate, or a Luxurious Custom Home, The Calvosa Organization can make your dream home a reality. Our award winning, in-house, architectural and design team is ready to guide you through the creative process, with a full library of design styles to inspire your dreams. Then, our best-in-class project managers will ensure you get top quality construction and service. This and much more, delivered on budget, and on time. View our gallery for inspiration and call us today for an appointment, 631 563-2551.

The Calvosa Organization is pleased to offer custom home building services in the Long Island, NY area.

Often a new home project is brought to us with plans already developed by an architectural firm. The Calvosa Organization then brings those plans to completion and takes the architect’s vision and the customer’s needs to the ultimate end, the total, efficient fabrication of the new client’s dream home.

At other times clients come to us with the desire to have their dream home designed and constructed but do not, as yet, have architectural plans or even style or floor plan concepts. The Calvosa Organization thrives on this arena of custom home development and delights in offering its custom home building services.

The Calvosa Organization’s extended family of professionals includes architects who can meet with the future home owner, study their lifestyle, design preferences, type of family unit, social and family entertaining requirements, etc., and design a dream house that incorporates all aspects of the client’s lives into a magnificent home structure that will endure for generations.

And because we, as builders, are also family people, we stay conscious of budgetary constraints and guide our client’s choices to match those practical needs as well. As part of the custom home building project plan we also can help pick a site for your new home incorporating the cost of land into your budgetary and architectural plan’s needs.

The Calvosa Organization is a fully self-managed company and manage all aspects of staffing, engineering, and on-site construction for your dream home construction project. Creating homes that will delight and serve from one generation to the next is one of our highest commitments.

Semi-Custom Development /Land Development

Another aspect of The Calvosa Organization’s business plan is to look for opportunities for Semi Custom Development projects. We are always on the lookout for outstanding properties to develop. We use our team of professional engineers, architects, surveyors to find properties that we can develop into new home communities of the highest standards.

When The Calvosa Organization finds land to develop we have our own high standards to meet or we do not develop the property in question.

The Calvosa Organization does its own homework to study if a potential property meets its community’s legal needs too. We make an engineering evaluation to see how well a piece of property can be developed. It must meet specific needs in zoning and utility services.

New land development presents complex challenges. We look to see if a site has, or needs, water mains, gas mains, sewers, electric service, roads, curbs, and sidewalks, for example. The Calvosa Organization has the means and the team of professionals to design and install these services.

Just as we are committed to our homes that bear the test of time, the land that we choose to develop must always be capable of being developed to the same quality standard of The Calvosa Organization quality home that we build upon it.

These communities bear the unmistakable quality of The Calvosa Organization and yet hold some savings for the individual buyer. When The Calvosa Organization produces semi-custom development our home buyers still experience a Calvosa Custom Experience. We take their dreams to completion.

The Calvosa Organization builds many different types of homes and prides itself that it serves individuals in all walks of life. We are just as comfortable with a 10,000 square foot custom home as we are with a more modest home built for first time buyers.

The home owner still is entitled to their dream home at whatever station in life they are when we serve them. It is our pleasure to make homes that will last and bring joy for years to their current owners and to the families that may one day call a “Calvosa Home” their home.

With that in mind we have placed this page in our site to show you some of our diversity in building. You will find on this page a cross section of the fine homes that we have created for clients. Quality comes in all sizes and Calvosa means quality.