5 Reasons Why You Should Buy New


You wouldn’t buy a cell phone from 10 years ago, so why would you settle for an outdated home? At The Calvosa Organization, we specialize in building new custom homes on the South Shore of Long Island. Our goal is to build you a brand new home that will last for generations, with superior quality, a unique approach, and innovative designs.


  1. Customization is key. One of the most appreciated benefits of building a new Calvosa home is being able to tailor it for your family. You have a say in everything from the floor plan to the cabinets, the flooring to the architecture. In older used homes, this isn’t the case. You have to renovate – or get used to what’s already there.


  1. More “you”. A new Calvosa home is designed to fit the way YOU live, with convenient features like walk-in closets, kitchen pantries, spacious garages, and flexible spaces that provide plenty of room for growth. With resale homes, especially older models, you may find that space is limited or has been customized to someone else’s preferences.


  1. The latest & greatest everything. A new custom Calvosa home is built to current building codes, and includes the latest, safest components. It also includes Smart Home technology, so you and your family will feel safer and not need to worry about updating your systems any time soon.


  1. Less maintenance. Another advantage to building a new Calvosa home is that you will have fewer maintenance issues. And if there is an issue, the home is under a variety of warranties that will cover it for years. If you had a previously owned home, there’s a strong possibility that you would be responsible for 100% of the repairs.


  1. Energy efficiency. There’s no question that new homes offer better insulation, low-E windows, more efficient appliances, and high-quality heating and cooling systems. Calvosa homes also include a state-of-the-art solar-energy package. If you buy a resale home, keep in mind that you could end up with poor insulation, drafty windows or an old furnace, all of which will drive up your utility bills.


Before you buy “used”, come see us. Soon enough, you’ll have the all-new, all-you Calvosa home you deserve. 

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