8 Reasons why the South Shore of Long Island is a great place to live

  1. The water. Long Islanders love the sound of waves crashing, and the feeling of sand beneath their feet. The South Shore is especially noted for good sailing conditions, and its deep trenches, which attract big game fish like tuna, shark & swordfish.


  1. The beaches. The barrier island beaches have a very chilled-out vibe that makes them the perfect spot for summer fun.


  1. Diversity. Since, technically, the South Shore includes everything from Queens to the Hamptons, you’ll find a great variety of people, culture and towns.


  1. Family-friendliness. According to NerdWallet, 6 of the top 10 cities for families in New York are on Long Island, including Bellmore & Commack on the South Shore. These towns are family-friendly, and within commuting distance to New York City.


  1. Nature. Particularly the Fire Island National Seashore where deer roam freely in the thickets, and migrating ducks and geese seek sanctuary in the marshes.


  1. Boutiques and other funky shops. The South Shore is home to dozens of small shops and boutiques that sell unique, locally made or sourced products.


  1. Climate control. Thanks to its proximity to the water, the South Shore is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. (This is welcome news when the rest of Long Island gets buried in snow!)


  1. History. The South Shore was one of the hot spots during the Gilded Age. (The Great Gatsby, anyone?) But there are records from the 1700’s that show that George Washington toured LI and stayed overnight in Islip.


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