While customizing your Calvosa Organization home with our designer, we don’t blame you if your very first priority is your gorgeous gourmet kitchen. After all, fresh springtime pasta primavera tastes better when it’s prepared in a space that’s stylish and personalized from top to bottom…

The true heart of your home, your spacious kitchen is your personal sanctuary to not only create and share your best meals, but also to relax, unwind, and clear your mind. Complete with high-end appliances, an abundance of storage space, and ideal opportunities for customization, there are so many ways to make the most out of your gourmet kitchen — get inspired by a few of our favorites:


1. Add a Wine Fridge

First thing’s first: wine. Now that you have more room than ever before, give your wine collection the spotlight it deserves right in your kitchen. An efficient wine fridge not only lets you control the temperature of your favorite bottles while keeping them at reach, it also adds yet another sleek and sophisticated touch to your space.

2. Expand Your Cooking Skills

One of the best parts about your kitchen is that it comes complete with every appliance you could possibly need to cook. Whether you’d call yourself a Michelin-star-chef or an amateur (and anything in between), your kitchen has your back on any meal you’ve been wanting to make, from simple dishes to complicated delicacies.


3. Host a Wine and Food Pairing Party

What better way to celebrate moving into your Calvosa Organization home than by throwing a party centered on wine and food? With springtime calling for caprese salads, bruschettas, and absolutely anything with salmon, you can whip up your best treats and have your friends bring over reds and whites to pair them with.

4. Include a Large Island

Working with our designer, you have endless options to make your kitchen as unique and personable as you are. Have you always wanted to live on island time? Now’s your chance to include a center island that’s large enough for the whole family to eat at. Luxurious and functional all at once, you’ll want to get stranded here…

5. Create Your Dream Coffee Bar

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee in the morning before the day begins. That’s why your new kitchen has the space and the ability to be well-equipped for your very own personalized coffee bar. Put your barista skills to the test and let the caffeine flow!


6. Organization is Key

Simply put, an out-of-sorts kitchen leads to stress… You deserve to have enough space to keep your pots, pans, utensils, spices, towels, etc. as organized as can be. Fortunately, space, storage, and convenience are key components to your kitchen, and we build each one to keep everything tidy.


7. Pot Fillers

At the Calvosa Organization, we believe that even the littlest details make the biggest difference. Now that your kitchen is incredibly spacious, you have wide open opportunities to add certain touches that you never had before. Pot fillers are contemporary, convenient, and of course, easy on the eyes (oh, and so much fun to use).

8. Under Cabinet Lighting and Outlets

Let there be light gets an entirely new meaning in your kitchen… With ample cabinets and space, you can add a certain glow to make this room even more regal and enjoyable than before. Talk to our designer about what kind of illuminating look you’re going for, and we’ll absolutely make it happen with the flip of a switch.

Whether it’s a milestone celebration or an everyday family dinner, the kitchen is where the real magic happens — which is why we build each one with the highest quality details and design, so that you can experience your best moments here. Get ready for your most delicious days yet…