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The Calvosa Organization has a mission to build for posterity. We want to build for your family's future. When constructing a home that will last, the foundation of the home and its framing are the two primary elements upon which all else depends.

The Calvosa Organization has been providing expert and master framing for over 25 years to both the individual custom home client and to other Home Building organizations who seek a seasoned framing team who specialize in framing carpentry services only.

At The Calvosa Organization our framing staff is dedicated to projects and do their jobs with a commitment and passion that is normally not found on construction sites. The reason for their superior performance is that these dedicated carpenters work together month after month, year after year. They have become a family of craftsmen who work in an environment of respect and dedication to their craft.

The Calvosa Organization framers get the job done and they do it right. Because of the camaraderie of our work force there is a shared common goal of completing a good job on time, and within budget. Each worker knows that when the current job is done there is another one waiting for them. They always have a fresh challenge and something new to look forward to.

One of the differentiators at The Calvosa Organization is safety training and the importance of the wearing of safety equipment at all times on all jobs. We also recognize the importance of keeping a job moving, so we manage the movement of materials and prices and coordinate with our subcontractors - including those who come before us, and, those who follow up behind us.

The result? Outstanding work ethics, skill, motivation and above all a home that will stand the test of time for your family and your children too.

Our framers are managed by The Calvosa Organization's home office which is conveniently located in Bohemia, close to all work sites in Long Island. No matter the scope of a home building project the framing team at The Calvosa Organization does it right and they know that they are always connected to their home management team. If you have read the BIO Page of Vincent Calvosa you will know that Vincent has grown up through the ranks and can do all the jobs found at a home site from foundation to finish work. He personally visits all works sites, knows his staff and crew and takes joy with them in their accomplishments.  

Great Builders know when constructing a home to last, the foundation and its framing are the two primary elements on which all else will depend on. At The Calvosa Organization we believe Experience, Quality, Integrity, Reliability and Teamwork are also the foundations of a good business, and haven taken great pride in developing a team that reflects these core values. For over 20 years we have been committed to providing exceptional Framing Contracting Services to some of the best Builders and Developers on Long Island and pride ourselves with being a company they depend on. These values coupled with the experience of framing thousands of homes on Long Island, have built a name you can trust and count on.

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